Cassandra characters and the looming threat of theocracy

Cassandra of Troy was cursed by Apollo to give true prophesies but not to be believed. It’s an experience many activists will be familiar with, and a character trope in many fictional explorations of near future theocracies.

Activism matters: Heidi Nicholl, Humanists Australia

Interview with Heidi Nicholl, CEO of Humanists Australia, about routes into leadership, the day to day and challenges of leading a newish organisation. Activism matters meets activists and leaders in a variety of atheist, humanist, and secularist spaces.

How should faith groups engage with the post-religious majority?

We can debate different measurements of the breadth or depth of Britain’s emerging nonreligious majority. But by failing to engage with this shift, faith communities and civil society could lose their chance to influence our post religious future.

Community matters: How many AHS+ groups do we need?

A new series explores the challenges and opportunities facing atheist, humanist, secularist, and similar communities in a post-pandemic world. The series includes practical advice and strategic analysis, starting with asking, how many AHS+ groups do we need?

It’s all β€˜real religion’

Selectively labelling particular positive or negative manifestations of religion as β€˜real’, however well intentioned, undermines pluralism, privileges particular unevidenced beliefs and bolsters both religious supremacism and anti-religious bigotry.